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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just Plain Bad Taste  

One of our readers Petrucchio, mentioned something about a posting title that Pretz did that was so classless and so just downright ill mannered.

It was called 'Separated by Laci' and had a picture of Amber Frey and Kim Stewart side by side. Now, they do strike an unusual resemblence to one another, but wouldn't it have been funnier had he said 'Separated by Rod' or Separated by a Trust Fund" or "Separated by Underwear" (since it is WELL known that Kim never has any on).

I was taken aback at this title, as we all know how a tragedy that case was. Whoever could use that as a title for a post, regardless of whether or not those girls look like is definatley worse off than I thought he was. Before I thought he was just a loser. Now I think he is scum with incredibly poor taste and a terrible filter for what is appropriate.

I went into the comments section, seeing that there were 147 posted. I am going to post some of them here. It was good to know that even Pretz fans can know right from wrong. He got quite a lashing. Hope he reads them.

"Yeah, they DO resemble each other...and you resemble an over-fucked asshole! Bringing up Laci is in poor taste and tacky, even for this website."

"It is very disgusting you use Laci's name in this Seperated segment. Both of those girl, Kimberly and Amber do look alike, incredibly, but using Laci's name in here is stupid."

"Gee Perex, I'm sure you wouldn't be making jokes if Laci were your daughter or sister."

"tsk tsk Perez - very harsh to revictimize for draw"

"do you have NO conscience? seperated by Laci is in POOR taste,even by your standards,get a clue Perez....the 'millions' of people who read this site are starting to..."

"This is the last time I read Perez Hilton! Horrible taste!"

"very tack. and how the hell is this gossip?"

"Please remove the title. I love this site but am more than disgusted you would write such a thing. Do the right thing and CHANGE it. I am relieved to see others felt the same. There are good people in the world."

"Nice choice of words, Perez. Way to be insensitive by using poor Laci's name where these two hoebags are pictured."

"wtf?? what does laci have to do with these two bitches?? that's just wrong!!
tacky, very tacky! please change the title."

"Please change the title. That is one of the most innappropriate things you could say. Nothing to joke about, a mother and unborn child being murdered."

"Perez I'm all for having fun but the Laci comment was in horrifyingly poor taste. To cast such a disrespectful light on her name is truly unacceptable. Please change the title, it isn't funny."

"As soon as I read the titel I thought, "wow, poor taste." I'm glad to see so many other readers agree. You should consider changing the title!"

"The general consensus seems to be overwhelmingly against your use of "Laci" to grab readers attention. Granted, it did immediately catch my eye, but I feel it is in extremely poor taste, even for you!"

"That title is completely lacking sensitivity and any semblance of taste. Please consider taking it down."

"Yes, please change the title. Laci Petterson should not be used as a joke.
They do look alike, so you did okay there, but for respect of Laci's family, please change it to something else."

"PEREZ - listen to your readers - take down her name - you don't have to go down that road."

"Please delete Laci Peterson's name from this. It's disgusting to bring her name into your column in such a trivial manner. I am a big fan of your site, but not a fan of this post."

"I have been to this site tons & tons of times. I PROMISE I will NEVER bring this site back up. Making fun (& sometimes harsh) is one thing. Bringing up someone who was decapitated & their child killed is Unspeakable!You are disgusting & soon will deal with Karma."

"I agree with the many other posts - the title is totally inappropriate. There was no reason to bring Laci's name into your post, you could have made the point just as easily using another headline. The poor woman was lied to and murdered, and there's no reason to use her name on your site - which is supposed to be about celebrity gossip, not quasi-lookalikes or victims of crime. Must be a slow day if you're stooping to this level to get attention."

"Wow, this is just horribly wrong. Shame on you Perez for trying to use Laci's name as part of your joke. Just poor taste. Please change it."

"Could not agree more with GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE."

"u have no class perez. ur days are numbered."

"Everyone, please let us repeat this same message so Perez realizes that title is WRONG in every level:Please change the title. That is one of the most innappropriate things you could say. Nothing to joke about, a mother and unborn child being murdered."

"Jesus Perez, have you know sense of decency at all? Bringing Laci's name into what is supposed to be a celebrity gossip site, but isn't anymore? Laci still has parents and siblings who grieve for her everyday. Why dont you send me the name of someone close to you who you have mourned and I'll turn it into a worthless, thoughtless headline for ya. How 'bout it fat ass?"

"Perez do the right thing and take Laci's name out of it. What if her family sees this? Do you have a conscience?"

"you are a disgusting pig, how dare you use Laci's name for one of your pathetic jokes.What a low, vile, repulsive thing to do."

"who does this fat asshole thinks he is? how dare you make fun of a dead person?...unsensitive..totally unsensitive.."

"Perez could have easily made a "dig at the homely KS and the resemblence she bears to AF, a woman of dubious moral character" without using the name of a woman who was brutally murdered. That is highly uncalled for. But I guess it's like you say, you can't fix stupid!"

"I'm all for freedom of speech, but Laci Peterson is a touchy subject for not only her family, but millions of people across America. It's your site P, but it's still wrong."

"Geeze, Perez. I lose more and more respect for you every day.
You're turning into a kiss-ass jerk with a big head. Why did you have to post that????"

"I always knew you were an ass. Just not a completely insenstive one. Why is that even funny you ass? I live in the bay area and can't drive my the area where they found Laci's body and can't help thinking how senseless and sad it is she is not with this world anymore. You should go straight to hell.Or to prison with Scott - you'd get lots of action there. Pansy-ass."

"The Laci comment is perverse and completely unneccessary. Stupid, insensitive fuck."

"Since this has been up for awhile know I am sure perez has seen this. I am just as sure that at least one of the posters defending him is perez himself. He has left it up for the attention and the drama it is causing. Let's all stop giving him what he wants. I am sickened by you perez"

"Some things should remain sacred, such as an expecting mother who was murdered for no apparent reason. Shame on you, Perez."

"Grow somee balls perez and use your own name. It's obvious you posted under the name The Truth. Your really a piece of shit for not removing it. Karma is all I will say. And yes it does matter if people like you. Do you think Vh1 is going to want you to do any commentary if you pull shit like this? They won't want to touch you. No one will. A blog on the internet is one thing but representing someone else is another. Oh and E came out with a different name for Nick and Vanessa LOL. I am sure yours won't stick. The whole purpose was to combine a name to make it shorter. Enjoy your 15 minutes."

"I believe what perez said was very uncalled for and insensitive. He could of used several other phrases to compare the two instead of using laci's. I know this is his so called site but lately he has been completly rude towards everyone and none the bit funny. I believe that was a good point about Matthew Shepperd that would of offended people the same yet perez proally would stoop that low to say something. He as of the late has been on some stupid gay crusade to out every person in hollywood. Thats also insensitive I'm sure he knows what that may feel like. Leave Laci alone and here family. How about we come up with a far better title and change the post."

Whoreanusly yours,
Ms. PoorAss Hilton

     [ by Ms.PoorAssHilton, 7/09/2006   --


At July 09, 2006 9:22 AM, Anonymous Crystal said...

I don't see that post on his site anywhere. Is it older?

At July 09, 2006 9:35 AM, Blogger Ms.PoorAssHilton said...

Hi Crystal,

Nope, it's fairly recent, beottom of the front page.

At July 09, 2006 4:57 PM, Blogger dreamingofdavey said...

I seen it, and was disgusted. I rarely even go to his site anymore, but I recently broke my foot, and have been really BORED...but that was the last straw. I have never seen anything more tasteless than that.


At July 09, 2006 7:16 PM, Anonymous The pretzel sucks said...

He´s just a stupid insensitive dumbass... I just ran out of words to describe this waste of space named Perez!!! Yuck!!!

At July 09, 2006 7:21 PM, Anonymous *tara said...

haha my misspelled comment. "very tack(y)." i posted a similar one earlier on his site (spelled correctly!) that took two hours or more to show up on the comments. i love how someone called me a "dumbass" and a "fucking waste of thread space" (as if that's a tangible thing to be so offended by). i don't understand how the hell comparing two pictures of people constitutes "gossip". perez is a "fucking waste of blog space".

At July 09, 2006 11:27 PM, Anonymous Life's a bitch and so am I said...

One thing that is constantly said about Mario is that he's a very stupid and vain man. Ego with nothing to back it up, honestly people he really is that stupid and insensitive a troll to post that. He will inevitabley say it brought more hits, but in the end he's more more towards being the social leper he really is.


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